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Senior care

Physical therapy can help seniors thrive. While medicine adds days to your life, physical therapy adds life to your days. We help seniors not only remain independent, but improve their ability to be active with family, pursue their hobbies, volunteer, and travel. We offer services that range from injury and surgical recovery, to fall prevention and fitness training.

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Services Offered

We offer a variety of services that cater to the unique needs of adults as they age.

  • Vitality enhancement

  • Joint replacement rehabilitation

  • Fall prevention and recovery

  • Cancer survivor care

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Rehabilitation for people with dementia

Vitality Enhancement

Instead of rehabilitating an injury, perhaps your goal is simply to live a fuller life.

  • Take up a new sport/hobby

  • Participate in recreational sporting activities

  • Keep up with your grandkids

  • Enjoy more adventurous activities while you travel.

  • Volunteer or take on a part time job

Our therapy staff can help you tailor an exercise program to meet your goals.

Fall Prevention & Recovery

Falls cause billions of dollars per year in health care costs. If possible, the time to deal with a balance problem is before you break a hip, not after injury has occurred. Physical therapy can help optimize your balance to help keep you independent.

We offer:

  • Balance screening to assess your risk.

  • Balance training programs to target the areas where you struggle.

  • Physical therapy services after a fall to help you regain your independence.

Parkinson's Disease

     People with Parkinson's Disease report a variety of symptoms including tremors, freezing, difficulty walking, shuffling their feet, frequent falls, difficulty with fine motor tasks (like handwriting and buttoning shirts), and decreased voice volume when talking. They can also experience depression, anxiety, insomnia, and hallucinations. So how do we treat it?

     LSVT Big is a Parkinson's targeted exercise program to help manage the physical and social impact of Parkinson's on a patient's quality of life.

Looking for something more individual? We will tailor an exercise program to meet your specific symptom complaints if you've already tried LSVT in the past and are looking for something new.

How We Treat

We offer a variety of one on one treatment options to suit your needs:

  • In clinic - in person one on one care with your PT and access to exercise equipment in a clean, safe environment.

  • Concierge - if it's hard for you to leave the house or you are just more comfortable in your own environment, your therapist will come to your home to provide therapy services

  • Telehealth - if you are immune compromised and prefer to avoid in person interaction, we will work with you remotely if it is safe to do so

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, we are here for you every step of the way. If you want to keep the same therapist throughout the process regardless of your therapy needs, we offer:

  • Pre-operative therapy evaluations

  • Individualized exercise programs to help you avoid surgery if possible or reduce your recovery time after surgery.

  • Education on what to expect after surgery

  • Rehabilitation after your procedure in your home or at our facility

Cancer Survivor Care

     More and more people are able to claim the title cancer survivor. We aim to help you do more than simply survive after cancer. We want to help you get back to thriving again.

     Cancer treatments can involve surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments that kill cancer but damage our bodies in the process. Many patients experience post-surgical pain, neuropathy, weakness and/or general deconditioning after a cancer battle.​

     Physical therapy can help determine the right kind of exercise to help your body to recover. Having a physical therapist on your team can also help put your mind at ease to help you tell the difference between the orthopedic aches and pains of life, and something more serious that your medical team should know about.

Rehabilitation & Dementia

     People with dementia face many unique struggles and challenges in their daily lives. Healthcare providers need to be creative to help meet their needs so they can live the highest quality of life possible.

     Your physical therapist will be an ally for you and your family as you make difficult decisions regarding how to maintain the greatest level of independence possible despite cognitive challenges.

     If as the condition progresses coming out to therapy is too difficult, your therapist can also travel to your home to provide care in a familiar environment. The consistency of working with the same therapist who knows you already can make all the difference.

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