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Patient Information

The Full Story

We believe that patients should make educated and informed choices about their healthcare. We aim to be transparent about our services, our pricing, and our staff.

Patient Forms

If you want to fill out your intake forms prior to your visit, all patient paperwork is available in PDF form here in English and Spanish. Please make sure to choose the correct forms for your condition.

General Intake

Formas en Español

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We aim to be as transparent as possible with our clients. Answers to many commonly asked questions about physical therapy, personal training, and our wellness services can be found here. 

Financial Information

Disclosures: Ally Total Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned company. As such, no physician profits financially by referring you to our care.

We are a for-profit registered LLC because we believe it's unethical that hospitals claim to be non-profit.  In reality they inflate the price of care so they can then "forgive part of your debt", or they use your money to cover the bill of someone else who can't pay. The hospital then writes it off as charitable services in order to maintain their nonprofit status and avoid paying taxes. You pay taxes on your hard-earned money, and we do too.

For patients: We believe in transparent pricing and no surprise bills. You will know what therapy costs prior to your visit, and payment will be due at the time of service. Therapy sessions are charged at a flat rate based on the service you are receiving, and time spent with the therapist.

We are committed to making healthcare affordable. We charge for an hour what most primary care doctors bill for 15 minutes. We list cash pay price comparisons with local hospitals in the FAQ and we invite you to see what the local hospitals would charge for your specific insurance.

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