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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is still important for those who can't safely come in to the clinic.​ We seek to bring the care you need to you in whatever form is most appropriate for your needs.

A woman in a doctor's coat with a stethescope doing a telehealth visit

Choosing The Right Service 

The optimal form of treatment for you depends on several factors including:

  • Your goals for your care

  • Your specific condition/diagnosis

  • Your home environment

  • Availability of exercise equipment

  • Access to technology

  • How comfortable you are using technology


Telehealth can be an excellent option for some individuals to fit physical therapy into their busy schedules and reduce exposure for those who are immunosuppressed. In the interest of patient safety however, telehealth may not be appropriate for conditions like:

  • Balance problems

  • Dizziness related conditions

  • Pelvic problems requiring internal exam

  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • People who require hands on treatment such as soft tissue massage, or joint mobilization. 

Legal Considerations:

  • Your therapist must hold a state license in the state you are currently in. Per state regulations, even if you are an Ohio resident, we cannot render services via telehealth if you are on vacation in another state.

  • Your therapist must be able to ensure that you receive the same quality care you would in an in person visit.

In Clinic Care

We hope to secure a location for an in-person clinic in the near future. At this time however, services are offered on a concierge care or telehealth basis.

Concierge care

     Your therapist will meet you at your home, workplace, or local gym. We will travel within up to a 30 minute radius for your appointment. Please keep in mind that some gyms or workplaces may not permit your therapist to render services on their premises. It is your responsibility to check with your employer or gym prior to your visit to confirm their policies.

     Your therapist may bring appropriate exercise equipment with them if appropriate and necessary for your care. In the interest of maintaining high quality care however, if you require equipment that is not portable, we may encourage you to seek services at a facility better equipped to meet your needs.

     Lastly, for the safety of our staff, we reserve the right to cancel an appointment or refuse service if we deem the situation to be unsafe for the therapist for any reason. This may include aggressive pets/people in the home, circumstantial concerns such as inclement weather, structural concerns in your home, or unsafe behavioral practices such as smoking in a home where oxygen tanks are in use. Please be advised that we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind towards our staff. By law physical therapists are mandated reporters and are obligated to report abuse, and neglect.

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