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Go beyond stretching alone. Be stretched by a movement specialist with the advanced training to help you stretch for success. Whether your muscles need to learn to lengthen better, or your nervous system needs to get with the program so that you can live life to the fullest, NeuroStretch is designed to help you meet your goals.

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A female trainer assisting a woman stretching forward to touch the floor in a straddle

NeuroStretch Vs. Self Stretch

It's true that almost anyone can stretch, so what makes NeuroStretch different?

  • Assisted stretching to help you achieve a better stretch.

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) techniques to help your muscles relax into a stretch.

  • Stretch pacing to optimize frequency and duration of your stretches.

  • Neurodynamic technique integration to decrease nerve tension, and improve the ability of your muscles to tolerate stretching.

  • Controlled stretch pressure to accommodate for your body's natural stretch reflex that resists muscle stretch.

  • Breath control regulation training - to optimize stretching of your core, trunk, and hips.

  • Use of stretching tools including straps, cupping, vibration, and foam rollers

Choosing The Right Service 

How do you know if NeuroStretch, personal training or physical therapy is the right choice for you?


  • Specifically targets your flexibility.

  • Does not involve strength training.

  • Is not intended to rehabilitate an injury.

  • Does not include medical documentation.

Personal training:

  • Targets weight management, athletic performance, and/or general fitness goals.

  • May involve strength training, agility work, aerobic exercise, balance training, and/or flexibility work.

  • Is not intended to rehabilitate an injury.

  • Does not include medical documentation.


Physical therapy is for someone who is:

  • In need of a medical evaluation to exercise safely.

  • Experiencing clinical problems like an injury, or specific pain complaints.

  • Recovering from a surgical procedure.

  • Wants medical documentation of sessions for their physician.

  • Hoping to submit our bills to their insurance to get reimbursed for treatment.

NeuroStretch Benefits

Clients have many different reasons for wanting to be stretched. Some are just trying to beath the achy stiffness of life with a great stretch, others come with specific goals such as:

  1. To improve posture

  2. To enhance sports performance

  3. For workout recovery

  4. To reduce injury risk

  5. For relaxation

  6. To improve flexibility and mobility

  7. For nervous system tone regulation

  8. To improve circulation

Not sure if NeuroStretch can help you meet your goals? Send us a message and a therapist will help you decide if it's right for you.

How To Choose A Package

If you are new to NeuroStretch and want to try it out, we offer individual sessions. If you are already familiar with the benefits and want to make this a regular part of your fitness routine, discounted rates are available if you prefer to book a package.

Single Session: ideal for new clients, and travelling athletes/performers.

4 Sessions per month: ideal for relaxation, athletes who want additional stretching before competitions/performances, and people who want to intermittently boost the intensity of their stretch to improve flexibility.

8 or 12 Sessions per month: ideal for workout recovery, sports performance, neural tone regulation, circulation, reducing injury risk, and improving posture.

Duo Sessions:  Any package can be split between you and a friend or family member into a 25 minute session for each person, if you are both willing to meet at the same location over a 1 hour time span.

*Package booking payments are made in person

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