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If you love dry needling and want to share it with your family and friends, invite them to a Porcupine Party    . They're the perfect for bridal parties, family get togethers, employee appreciation, or treating yourself to a little self-care time.


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What's a Porcupine Party  ?

     A Porcupine Party    is a group dry needling event. Each participant will receive a consent form and be asked a few health questions about their goals for treatment.

     A physical therapist who is certified in dry needling will then provide a 15-20 minute treatment for each participant. 

     The party host may choose to provide refreshments and additional decorations or entertainment for the party if desired.

Is Dry Needling Acupuncture?

     No. While both acupuncture and dry needling utilize thin monofilament needles, they are not the same. From a legal perspective, they are overseen by different professions and their respective state licensing boards. They also have fundamentally different treatment philosophies and goals.

     Physical therapists utilize needles to influence blood flow and inflammation. The therapist chooses the points needles are applied based on vascular and nerve anatomy. It is a technique based in empirical research and a western philosophy of medicine.

     Acupuncture is performed by licensed acupuncturists. Needling points are typically chosen based on meridian lines with the intent to influence Chi, a form of energy in traditional eastern medicine. 

More Information

For Frequently Asked Questions about needling, check out our blog post where we discuss safety, differences from acupuncture, and more.

How do I explain it to my friends?

You can download one of our invitation brochures in PDF form and give it to your friends when you invite them to the party. We offer them in modern and playful styles to cater to your style.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is easiest for the therapist to work around. The therapist will use linens to cover you to maintain your privacy if needed.

What is Dry Needling?

     Dry needling involves the insertion of a thin monofilament needle into the body. It's called dry needling because no medication is being injected.

     Dry needling is believed to work by influencing blood flow an inflammation in the body. When a new, micro tissue injury is created by the needle, the body naturally directs blood flow and inflammation accordingly to heal the injury and protect the body.

     Trained therapists use the needles to help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as reduce pain from sensitive nerves.

Who is it for?

     Porcupine parties are a great way to receive cost effective dry needling treatment if you don't need a full physical therapy session.

     This makes them ideal for patients who are already independent with their home exercise routine, but still benefit from needling to manage chronic pain problems.

     It can also be a fun wellness experience to add to your bachelorette party, a spa day, or as an employee appreciation gift at the next office holiday party.

     Even kids can participate in the party as long as they have the written consent of their parent/guardian.



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