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When asked about the products we use, we are pleased to recommend products to patients to help enhance their quality of life. We only choose to recommend products that we would use ourselves. They may look familiar to you as the ones our therapists use.

Box Delivery


1.) We do not produce the products listed below and are not responsible for assisting in resolving problems with them. We encourage you to work with the manufacturer if you encounter problems with the product. 

2.) We are registered with the Amazon Affiliates Program and may receive a small amount of compensation for Amazon products we recommend. We also choose to recommend products that are not part of this program if we believe they are beneficial to our patients.

3.) We encourage you to review other similar items to the products we recommend. Because we do not constantly monitor these product links, and prices for products change frequently, we acknowledge that there may be other more cost effective options than the products listed below. 

Aerobic Fitness


Aquatic Fitness

Note that sets are sometimes available.

POTS Products

Cooling products for swelling/exercise

Compression products for swelling

Electrolyte drinks

Fitness Tracker

Daily task adaptors

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